Daily Events

The events within Habbliss are hosted by our staff team. They are an interactive experience between the users and the moderators - and you win some goodies along the way! After joining Habbliss, this would be one of the first things to do!

User Friendly

Not only is our user interface designed to be easy to use, but the staff & users will always be happy to help you out! There may be a lot to learn, but it's certainly worth it in the long run!

Build anything

With over 7,000 furniture items in the catalog, you can literally build any room the comes to your mind, Habbliss is a multiplayer sandbox! Hang with your mates in the home of your dreams!

Security features

At Habbliss, security is key. We beleive that your security is extremely important, so we run on HTTPS, and have an email reset feature to change your password in the case your account is compromised.